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Nyquest provide good quality and efficiency OTP ICs that have complete and total solutions for all series of Nyquest products.

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About Nyquest
     Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2006. As a professional IC design house, the core businesses are the integrated circuit design, research, providing application design solutions and marketing. Currently the paid-up capital amounts is NT$ 316 million. In order to fulfill the demand of expanding market, Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd. set up Nyquest Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen in 2010. It mainly researches and develops a variety of products, and provides the satisfactory service to customers.
Products & Technology
     Nyquest mainly researches high-quality and high-add-on value consumer ICs, including the voice synthesizer ICs, 4-bit microcontroller with voice/MIDI products, 8-bit microcontrollers, motor drivers and so on. Our company provides the whole software design and application solutions, and our products are devoted to consumer electronic application field. People can enjoy the fun, comfort, advantage from high-tech, and promote the quality of life as well.
       Nyquest adopts outsourced manufacturing by professional manufactures. The marketing strategy of Nyquest is cooperating with agents through its mechanism and assisting clients to design and manufacture products that can establish perfect marketing channel. At present, the main agents not only distribute in Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong, but also positively develop the Occident with sufficient aids including technical after-sales service and the best product applications.
     Looking ahead, Nyquest will continue our efforts to enhance products including personal electronics, toy gifts and interactive consumer products even greater range of home entertainment applications. Meanwhile, Nyquest will strive to keep innovation in technology to our customers with the best support and solution. We commit to ensure customers exceeding satisfaction because continuously progressing is the driving-powers of Nyquest.


2018 Aug.  NX11 series - 32-bit MCU and MCP with SPI Flash stacked inside.
2017 Aug.   NX12 series - 32-bit MCU based high-quality speech/MIDI processor with 12-bit ADC.
Aug.  NY8B series - 8-bit MCU with 12-bit ADC converter.
Feb.  NY1C series - builtin boost circuit LED Control land Drive IC.
2016 Nov.  Lanuch NX1 32-bit MCU, 16-ch speech/MIDI series ICs.
2015 Aug.  Launch NY6 4-bit micro-controller, 6-ch speech/MIDI series ICs.
May  Officially listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange with stock code “6494”.
 May  Launch NY9T series 4-bit micro-controller base LED control processor with capactive
 touch sensing function.
2014 Dec.  Nyquest is registered on Taiwan’s Emerging Stock Market.
May  Launch NY8 8-bit MCU for Home appliance.
2013 Jun.
 Launch NY7 4-bit micro-controller speech/MIDI series ICs.
 Launch NY4(B) series ICs and NY4P165A OTP IC.
Aug.  Launch brand new Q-MIDI timebre development tool.
2012 Nov.
 Laucn cost-effective product - NY5(B) series ICs.
 Launch cost-effective product - NY3(B) series ICs.
 Launch brand new Q-Sound audio application tool.
2011 Nov.
 Launch the first LED drive IC - NY1B007.
 Launch MP3-Like, it is OTP’s Easy MP3 and WAV DIY Programmer for  NY3 series of
 Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd.  
2010 Dec.
 Launch the OTP IC -  NY5P085A of NY5 series. 
 Launch the OTP IC -  NY4P065A of NY4 series.
 Launch the first OTP IC - NY3P065A of NY3 series.
   Set up Nyquest Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Shenzen.
2009 Dec.
 Launch NY4 series IC of 4-bit micro-controller based sound processor.
 Launch NY2 melody/speech series IC.  
Apr.  Consumer IC Built-in Program Development Plan obtained grant of SBIR of Ministry of
 Economic Affairs, R.O.C.
   Nyquest brought in strategic investor “Nuvoton Technology” and increased capital
 to NT$32,000,000.
 Consumer IC Built-in Program Development Plan obtained the SBIR of Ministry of
 Economic Affairs, R.O.C and was awarded  4 patents.
  2008 Apr.
 Consumer IC Product Reduction in Production Process Development obtained the
 SBIR of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C and was award 2 patents.
 Launch NY5 series IC,a powerful 4-bit micro-controller based sound processor.
2007 Apr.
 Restructure Limited company for Company limited by shares, and increased capital to 
 NT$ 65,500,000.
   Launch the first Nyquest product- NY3A003A of NY3 series, using 4-bit LOG-PCM
2006 Oct.
 Formally established. Paid-in capital: NT$ 500,000.





Nyquest Technology Co., Ltd. Address: 7F-1, No.81, Shuili Road, Hsinchu City 30059, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-3-516 9077 Fax: +886-3-516 9076
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