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NY4 Series

By using the high fidelity ADPCM speech synthesis algorithm and a built-in noise filter, NY4 can produce outstanding quality voices. Wide range sampling rate up to 44.1kHz is supported. The RISC MCU architecture is very easy to program and control, various applications can be easily implemented. There are 44 instructions, and most of them are executed in single cycle. Furthermore, a HALT mode (sleep mode) is designed to minimize power dissipation. Through +/-1% accurate internal oscillation, external Rosc is unnecessary.

  • Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V
  • 4-bit RISC type micro-controller with 44 instructions
  • The ROM size is 256Kx10-bit, voice duration is [email protected]
  • 96x4-bit RAM, divided into 2 pages
  • 1MHz instruction frequency
  • HALT mode to save power, less than 1uA standby current
  • Precisely embedded oscillator with build-in resistor Rosc (+/- 1%)
  • Low voltage reset (LVR=1.8V), watch-dog reset and I/O port reset are all supported to protect the system
  • Maximum 8 flexible I/Os with optional function
  • Infrared output
  • New high fidelity ADPCM speech synthesis algorithm
  • Built-in noise filter for less background noise at lower volume especially
  • One 9-bit hardware PWM output
  • Support large PWM current output (Only for NY4B series)
  • Mute mode speech algorithm to save ROM size
  • Quick-IO control supported
  • Various shipping type for different application requirement
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