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Nyquest provide good quality and efficiency OTP ICs that have complete and total solutions for all series of Nyquest products.


NY1 Series

The NY1 series are single-chip LED Control and Drive synthesizing CMOS IC. Through the accurate internal oscillation of built-in Rosc, an external Rosc is not required. Each output can provide different kinds of current output cooperating with software current control to drive different brightness LED. The LED pattern consists of programmable square waveform, oblique and curve, user can compose varied pattern and then the customized LED data can be programmed into ROM by changing one code mask during fabrication. The interactive software developing tool of Q-Light is user-friendly and quick for programming.

  • Equip with up to 5 I/O pins. (Mask option)
  • Wide operating voltage: 1.6V ~ 6.4V.
  • Maximum 512 LED Steps are available for 32 LED Sentences.
  • There are maximum 5 or 7 channels of LED. Each channel can be assigned one set of programmable PWM square waveform which can be set as different level of 0%~100% amplitude to control the LED brightness, and every oblique has maximum 128 levels variation to generate fade-in or fade-out effect.
  • Only build in an accurate internal oscillator of +/- 3% tolerance, no external R oscillator.
  • There are 3 kinds of output option for all output pins: Large Sink Current output, Constant Sink Current output, and rive Current output. (Mask option)
  • There are different current options for each output pin. (Mask option)
  • “Mode-Switch” special function.
  • “Power-On-Play” special function (POP) .
  • “Edge-Loop” special function.
  • “Level-Sequential” special function.
  • “Pause-Resume” special function.
  • “Noise-Trigger” special function. (It’s popular in electric lighter or mobile antenna application.)
  • Low-Voltage-Reset (LVR) option. When voltage is lower than 1.5V, IC will reset by itself. (Mask Option)
 ※NY1P Light String

For details of the above functions, please refer to Q-Light user manual, or contact Nyquest or her agents.

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