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Nyquest provide good quality and efficiency OTP ICs that have complete and total solutions for all series of Nyquest products.


NY7 Series

The NY7 series IC is a powerful 4-bit micro-controller based sound processor. There are 8 channels that are configured as speech or MIDI, and all of these 8 channels or part of them can be played with speech or MIDI simultaneously.NY7 can precisely synthesize any tone frequency of MIDI with +/- 0.5% accurate internal oscillation and automatic Tone-Calibration. Besites, NY7 provides two kinds of audio outputs with fine resolution, one is 13-bit current-type D/A converter (DAC) and the other is 13-bit Push-Pull amplifier (PP). Therefore NY7 speech/melody quality is the best choice among all solutions.


  • Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V.
  • 4-bit RISC type micro-controller with 74 instructions.
  • NY7CxxxA have 19 bodies. The maximum ROM size is 1536K x 12-bit. Program and voice data share the same ROM space.
  • 448x4-bit RAM, divided into 2 pages.
  • Up to 4MHz system clock for instruction execution.
  • Slow mode to operate at low power consumption. (+/-3% accuracy)
  • Halt mode to save power, less than [email protected] standby current.
  • Built-in internal Ring oscillation is accurate with +/- 0.5% frequency deviation.
  • Low voltage reset (LVR=1.9V) and watch-dog reset (WDT) are supported to protect the system.
  • One interrupt entrance for multiple interrupt sources with an independent stack.
  • Up to 24 flexible Bi-direction I/Os. Direction of each I/O is independently controlled by individual register bit.
  • Each Bi-direction I/O pin can be optioned as different input and output function. For the input option, users can select one of three kinds of option: input with pull-high resistor, input without pull-high resistor, or input with register-controlled pull-high resistor (high-to-low wakeup only). For the output option, users can select one of three kinds of option: output with normal drive current and normal sink current, large sink current or constant sink current. (Mask option)
  • Shared pins to provide IR carrier and external reset feature: PF2/IR & PF3/Reset. (Mask option)
  • Selection of IR carrier frequency and data high/low IR output is supported.
  • Maximum of 8 channels can be played simultaneously, each channel can be arbitrarily assigned as speech or MIDI channel.
  • New high fidelity 6-bit ADPCM speech/ MIDI timbre synthesis algorithm and ADSR with 256-step envelope for MIDI synthesis.
  • Patented noise filtering algorithm with 128KHz over sampling to enhance signal-to-noise ratio and provide excellent sound quality without ROM size increase.
  • 16-step digital volume control for synthetic speech/melody.
  • Built-in hardware automatic Tone-Calibration of near-zero frequency deviation for precise tone frequency.
  • High quality 13-bit D/A converter or 13-bit push-pull amplifier audio output. (Push-Pull output power Pout=1.3W @ VDD=5V, THD+N=10%, F=1kHz, RL=4Ω.)
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