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Nyquest provide good quality and efficiency OTP ICs that have complete and total solutions for all series of Nyquest products.


NY6 Series
As NY6 is specially designed for MIDI synthesis application, it provides Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release method (ADSR) with 256-level envelope for Patch (instrument) synthesis. NY6C can precisely synthesize any tone frequency of MIDI with +/- 0.5% accurate internal oscillation and automatic Tone-Calibration. Therefore NY6 melody quality is very close to real instrument. Moreover, NY6C is equipped with new Nyquest’s developed high-quality noise filtering algorithm of 250KHz over-sampling, which can remove noise in order to improve speech and melody quality greatly. Up to 16-level digital volume can be applied to final synthetic speech or melody that is tailored for applications of volume adjustment. NY6 provides two kinds of audio outputs with fine resolution, one is 12-bit current-type D/A converter (DAC) and the other is 12-bit Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM). The RISC MCU architecture is, various applications can be easily implemented There are 75 instructions, and most of them are executed in single cycle. Besides normal operation mode, NY6 also provides Halt mode (or Sleep mode) and Slow mode to minimize power dissipation.
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