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Voice Prompt for Glucose meter

Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 2, 2019 

Nyquest Technology, a leading provider of consumer electronics ICs, successfully launched the industry’s first voice prompt turn-key solution that requires no program coding for Glucose Meters. Inside the NX11M2xAS8, the 32-bit MCU is stacked with SPI Flash memory in a small SOP-8 150mil package via Multi-Chip Package technology. It supports four kinds of SPI Flash sizes, 4Mb / 8Mb / 16Mb / 32Mb, to reach playback length of 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 minutes respectively. With built-in power amplifier, the NX11M2xAS8 can receive commands and data from the Host MCU as a slave device and drive speaker directly to output high-quality voice prompts.

The voice prompt solution is embedded with Number-to-Speech capability that converts any numbers (like 123 milligrams per deciliter, or 6.8 millimoles per liter) into high-quality speech output for those diabetes patients suffering from eyesight deterioration. It is a scenario-based protocol design, such that host MCU requires no program changes in switching among various language versions at any time. The Host MCU simply notifies the NX11M2xAS8 which sentence to play along with necessary parameters like number to pronounce, the voice prompt (sentence with numbers) will be generated by the 32-bit MCU accordingly. The solution supports multiple languages in the same code, including English, Chinese, and Spanish. More languages to be supported upon request.

Customers don’t have to program the NX11M2xAS8, which tends to shorten the development turn-around time significantly since there is no code programming at all. Just record the voice scripts and numbers per language versions, develop the Host MCU code for once per protocol requirement, edit sentences @ SPI_Encoder S/W provided by Nyquest, and re-build the entire NX11M2xAS8 project to verify the functionality & quality, then release the code for MP.

Benefits include small form factor @ SOP-8 (150mil), flexible 4Mb ~ 32Mb SPI Flash densities, high-quality MP3-like sound output, multi-language support, fast turn-around time, Host MCU code kept unchanged per language variation, and ICP to update SPI Flash content for multiple times.


The NX11M2xAS8 is in mass production and the Nyquest voice prompt turn-key solution is ready for project development. Please contact sales of agent or Nyquest to kick-off the project for Glucose meters.

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